Our Pets

Ohlinger Studios is proud to be a pet-friendly office. Our canine and kitty companions not only make the days go by smoother, but they also provide much needed respite from the looming deadlines and occasional late nights. Meet the crew below!


This Frankendog rescue mutt (Cardigan Corgi/Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix is the prevailing theory) just celebrated her second “Abbiversary” with owners, Jen Jacobson and son, Carson.


Allie will be gracing the cover of the hot magazine "Catitude" for the third month in a row, and she's getting quite tired from all the paw-tographs she's having to give.


"Do you want to come with me to the park or do you want to say in here with 'your sound'?" Kurt asked, already knowing the answer.


A heart for humans and a head for squirrels, Bubba was a well-loved and respected member of the OPS office dog clan for many years. He made his owner Brooke proud.

Col. Woodrow

"Trust me, I'm a professional," he said to Carmen, who accepted neither statement.


Snuggly, sassy, and soulful - Cookie exemplified the best qualities her species had to offer. And, as shown by this photo taken by owner Ana, she was always quite photogenic.


"No, you may not have the name of my conditioner, I will take that secret to the grave with me," Cooper growls at his owner, Jen Stevenson.


"I'm not saying he's guilty because he's a dog," Diego whispers to his owner Maggie. "I'm saying he's guilty because I don't like him."


"Thank you for this new bed, human, I graciously accept," Echo says to owner Kate.


"OK, yes, you're very cute, but you're really doing a terrible job with this expense report. This isn't even a computer, it's a stick," Ella tries to explain to her owner Dan's baby.


"Did you say something about snacks?" Fiona asks Monica, her owner.


When asked to pinpoint her spirit animal, Flo explained to Monica that she was really a combination of the Willow Tree from "Pocahontas," Yoda from "Star Wars," and Meryl Streep.


Nicole's sweet baby can't fall asleep unless she lulls him to sleep with his favorite song: "ALL I DO IS FLYNN FLYNN FLYNN NO MATTER WHAT"


"Listen, April, I'm not saying I don't like your friend Jim, I'm just saying a girl can only hear the same knock-knock joke a few times before she starts to feel annoyed..." Gemma explains.


"Pauvre et libre plutôt que riche et asservi. Bien entendu les hommes veulent être et riches et libres et c’est ce qui les conduit quelquefois à être pauvres et esclaves." Cindy a demande comment George se sentait, mais il voulait juste de citer Albert Camus.

Gus and Tito

Gus and Tito are hoping that once they outgrow their puppy stage, their mom Jane will start calling them by their given names instead of “No” and “Stop it.”


The recipient of the GOOD GIRL 2018 award, Hailey, can be seen here celebrating with her lovely golden crown.


Hank has just about had it with your attitude, and he's not afraid to let you know.


Huey joined Ohlinger in September 2017 as assistant to Kate Hoefler, sharing the same job description and chair. At home, he is known by many other names: Officer Buncles, Mr Butters, and Rodney Ridgeback (only in his dealings with the Fedex carrier).


Marita can't figure out why Huxley wants to go to sleep every time she starts explaining how complex Freud and Jung's relationship was.

Iggy Lou

Iggy Lou does a terrible job at keeping Bridget focused on her work.


June is owned by Jen Jacobson. Her full name is June Carter Cash. Originally thought to be a boy, she was going to be named Johnny Cash, the man in black.


"I promise I won't take up the entire bed this time," Keegan lied to Carmen.


After discovering that babies get considerably more attention, Kittybaby found the best approach was to roll on his back and pretend to be a sleeping baby. Naturally, he fell asleep.


"Give me liberty or give me a treat" - the Mica motto.


"You said casual Friday, so I dressed casually. It's not called 'Don't-wear-your-Halloween-costume-Friday,'" Nicholas explains to Monica.


"If I stay perfectly still, they'll never know I'm here..." Paul whispers to his owner Cindy, while simultaneously knocking her computer mouse to the ground.


Seldom a day goes by that someone at the OPS office doesn't bring up one of their favorite Pete memories. With a heart as big as his appetite, Pete was a staple in the Columbus office, frequently found lounging near owner Natalee's desk.


"Look I can't tell you that I know who ate your muffin, but I can tell you it was a definitely a cat and not me," Riley attempts to explain, covered in muffin crumbs.


Riley learned at an early age that all she needed to do to receive top notch treats and A+ snuggles was to bat her beautiful brown eyes. What she hasn't figured out yet is how to get her bed back from the cat.

Rosie Posie

"What do you call a guinea pig with three eyes?" Rosie eagerly asks Amy. "A guinea piiig!" Rosie explodes, comforted by the fact that at least she finds herself funny.

Rosie and Laelia

Rosie and Laelia are very well aware of how cute they are. They just want to be adored. How can you resist?


Rowlf has been reprimanded on more than one occasion for sweeping young pups off their paws and stealing his owner Brooks' outdoor equipment. Does that mean he will stop anytime soon? No.


Roy is an English lab owned by Beth Jacobson. He loves his lammies, taking over the bed, and playing with his cousin, Abby.


Brooke lulls her sweet Russell to sleep each afternoon by explaining exactly how an image makes it through the rights and permissions process.


"There's no such thing as 'The Treat Factory for Extra Good Pups' is there, Maggie?" Serian asks pointedly after returning from the vet.


"Can I help you?" Shadow asks Kate, who understands that her computer no longer belongs to her.


"Yes, hello, I am a dog, a totally normal, regular dog, hoo-boy, I just love being a dog, amirite boys?" Todd rants, his nervous demeanor only noticed by his owner, Nicole.


Willow is a frequent contributor to Dogsmopolitan magazine, penning their highly popular "Tricks and Treats" blog. Owner Monica could not be more proud.