Our Pets

Ohlinger Studios is proud to be a pet-friendly office. Our canine and kitty companions not only make the days go by smoother, but they also provide much needed respite from the looming deadlines and occasional late nights. Meet the crew below!


This Frankendog rescue mutt (Cardigan Corgi/Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix is the prevailing theory) will celebrate her four-year “Abbiversary” with owners, Jen Jacobson and son, Carson.


Allie will be gracing the cover of the hot magazine "Catitude" for the third month in a row, and she's getting quite tired from all the paw-tographs she's having to give. She tolerates her brother, Roy and sister, Remy.


Noelle’s dog, Alma, has the perfect guide to smizing: “Smile like you’re doing an internal, eclectic celebration of a dance, but you’re keeping it all inside.”


Our true mutt, Bailey, enjoys long walks, sleeping and eating everything he can get his mouth on. He is happiest when he is touching or laying on one of his humans. He was once all brown, but at only seven the grey and white hairs have crept in making him look old. It must be the stress of his “ruff” life cuddling with blankets and taking up more than his share of the king bed.


Benji is very thankful for all the love he gets daily as an official Ohlinger Studios Columbus Office Dog.


Brontë eagerly awaits Marita’s end of the work day so she can live her best dog life by riding in the car to pick up the kids from the bus stop and play outside in the yard.


Calcifer Supermuttborn of the House Sperry, Papa, King of the Gentle Giants, King of the Long Walks and Allergies, Khal of the Office, Breaker of Hearts, the Sweetest.

Coco Chanel

“Today’s mantra: Make ‘fetch’ happen.” – Coco Chanel says while leading owner Noelle in yoga.


Cooper calls shotgun every time.


Daisy loves long walks around the neighborhood, her human siblings, and waiting to ring the bells on the door to go out during every video conference call.


"I'm not saying he's guilty because he's a dog," Diego whispers to his owner Maggie. "I'm saying he's guilty because I don't like him."


I help my mom Ellen with her gardening chores wherever I can. On this particular day, I am assisting with spring flowering bulb selections. She plants them in the fall which makes no sense to me. Humans, ugh.


As Erin B.’s intrepid intern, it’s my responsibility to make sure that all treats are put through a rigorous QA process. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!


"Thank you for this new bed, human, I graciously accept," Echo says to owner Kate.


"OK, yes, you're very cute, but you're really doing a terrible job with this expense report. This isn't even a computer, it's a stick," Ella tries to explain to her owner Dan's baby.


"Did you say something about snacks?" Fiona asks Monica, her owner.


Fyn is a little shy but he loves to sit by mom’s computer to chase her curser or “help” write emails.


When asked to pinpoint her spirit animal, Flo explained to Monica that she was really a combination of the Willow Tree from "Pocahontas," Yoda from "Star Wars," and Meryl Streep.


Nicole's sweet baby can't fall asleep unless she lulls him to sleep with his favorite song: "ALL I DO IS FLYNN FLYNN FLYNN NO MATTER WHAT."


"Pauvre et libre plutôt que riche et asservi. Bien entendu les hommes veulent être et riches et libres et c’est ce qui les conduit quelquefois à être pauvres et esclaves." Cindy a demande comment George se sentait, mais il voulait juste de citer Albert Camus.

Gus and Tito

Fresh snow doesn’t stand a chance of remaining tranquil and beautiful with Gus and Tito around. Double the trouble.


Hank serves as Kate Hoefler’s project manager in name only, as he sleeps approximately 23 hours out of the day. He is often mistaken for a pillow or sandbag when Kate holds cameras-on meetings.


“Your meeting schedule is interrupting my naptime,” Harley, one of our beloved furry assistants, grumbles to owner Stephanie.


My name is Hidey because I hide from Ellen most of the time except when I choose not to.


Huey joined Ohlinger in September 2017 as assistant to Kate Hoefler, sharing the same job description and chair. At home, he is known by many other names: Officer Buncles, Mr Butters, and Rodney Ridgeback (only in his dealings with the Fedex carrier).


Marita can't figure out why Huxley wants to go to sleep every time she starts explaining how complex Freud and Jung's relationship was.

Iggy Lou

Iggy Lou does a terrible job at keeping Bridget focused on her work.

Ivy Climber

Ivy Climber is the Sr. Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of the Maxwell homestead. He’s 16 yrs old and has been Kurt's guy since they found him in the early 2000s as an 8 week old homeless kitten.


Jyn is a pretty confident guy and loves to sit up high and watch mom work, scratches under his chin, and to steal his brother’s food.


“I went ahead and hit send for you,” Kiki purrs to owner Sarah. “Now let’s get on with the chin scratching.”


Llewyn (full name is Llewyn Venom Underfoot Darkness-on-the-Edge-of-Town Smahoosh) moved in with his two moms in October 2018, a true Halloween baby. Tessa hoped he would grow into a Springsteen fan, but little Luey is shockingly unconcerned with the plight of the proletariat. He would rather jam out to his personal theme songs, “I’m So Excited” by the Pointer Sisters and “Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince. His hobbies include literally throwing his body at his moms’ bedroom door at 5am, and training to become the world’s first Olympic high jumper under two years old.

Lucy and Lola

Lucy (left) is the Dalai Lama of dogs and now tri-pawed after losing a leg to her bout with cancer, but she’s just as happy and determined as ever. Lola is an eating machine who likes to herd people and “laughs” like a hyena throughout every walk.


I was a neighborhood stray until I adopted Ellen. I know a sucker when I see one. She gave me a needed eyelift procedure and I help her out when she gets frustrated with the technology. Which is pretty much daily.


"Give me liberty or give me a treat" - the Mica motto.


Kurt rescued Mirabelle almost 2 years ago! A coworker found a kitten balled up under a car behind her condo and called me to help catch him (I live nearby). When I arrived, he was still there, and in bad shape, but as I gathered him up, I saw a little grey blur scurry away that turned out to be his sister, Mirabelle! They were taken to MedVet for emergency treatment and have been with me ever since! They were only about 5 weeks old when we found them and would not likely have survived much longer if they had not been found. A true success story!


My name is Nanook, and I like to puke. The human called "Angela" cleans up my puke. This is me watching the 2018 Midterm Election returns. I'm so excited about the results, I might just puke.


"You said casual Friday, so I dressed casually. It's not called 'Don't-wear-your-Halloween-costume-Friday,'" Nicholas explains to Monica.


Paka and Connie grew up together despite living in separate households. They spent their teenage and young adult years playing "Connie, you threw the stick and I found it, now come pick it up and throw it again. Treat?" and "Connie, I understand running around objects in one direction. I'm just going to turn around, you fool. Treat?" Now, they spend their time napping together at family gatherings.


"If I stay perfectly still, they'll never know I'm here..." Paul whispers to his owner Cindy, while simultaneously knocking her computer mouse to the ground.


Quetzal, better known as Quezzi or Koozie, enjoys eavesdropping on Liv's Hangouts calls, wiggling to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, and is an expert swimmer.


Remy is an outdoor adventure dog that refuses to miss a beat. She is a 70lb lap dog that demands the utmost attention from all members of her family. Her best attribute though is serenading us with a great rendition of “Happy Birthday.”


"Look I can't tell you that I know who ate your muffin, but I can tell you it was a definitely a cat and not me," Riley attempts to explain, covered in muffin crumbs.


Riley learned at an early age that all she needed to do to receive top notch treats and A+ snuggles was to bat her beautiful brown eyes. What she hasn't figured out yet is how to get her bed back from the cat.

Rosie Posie

"What do you call a guinea pig with three eyes?" Rosie eagerly asks Amy. "A guinea piiig!" Rosie explodes, comforted by the fact that at least she finds herself funny.

Rosie and Laelia

Rosie and Laelia are very well aware of how cute they are. They just want to be adored. How can you resist?


Did you know Rowlf is considering a second career as a moose?

Roy and Remy

Here are Remy (left) and Roy (named after Roy Hobbs). They love to go on car rides, runs, and walks. Snacking and napping are also favorite activities. Remy and Roy do compete for chew toys, stuffed animals and attention. They don't seem to understand that there are plenty to go around.


Brooke lulls her sweet Russell to sleep each afternoon by explaining exactly how an image makes it through the rights and permissions process.


Like I regularly say to my mom, Angela: "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."


Following in the footsteps of her namesake, Scout is inquisitive, adventurous and brave. That is, except for when it is raining.


"There's no such thing as 'The Treat Factory for Extra Good Pups' is there, Maggie?" Serian asks pointedly after returning from the vet.


"Can I help you?" Shadow asks Kate, who understands that her computer no longer belongs to her.

Sophia Vergara

“My Greenies bring all the (good) boys to the yard.” – Sophia Vergara explains to Noelle while on a photo shoot for The Bark.


"Yes, hello, I am a dog, a totally normal, regular dog, hoo-boy, I just love being a dog, amirite boys?" Todd rants, his nervous demeanor only noticed by his owner, Nicole.


Kurt rescued Toulouse along with his sister almost 2 years ago! A coworker found a kitten balled up under a car behind her condo and called me to help catch him (I live nearby). When I arrived, he was still there, and in bad shape, but as I gathered him up, I saw a little grey blur scurry away that turned out to be his sister, Mirabelle! They were taken to MedVet for emergency treatment and have been with me ever since! They were only about 5 weeks old when we found them and would not likely have survived much longer if they had not been found. A true success story!


Willow is a frequent contributor to Dogsmopolitan magazine, penning their highly popular "Tricks and Treats" blog. Owner Monica could not be more proud.

In Memoriam


A heart for humans and a head for squirrels, Bubba was a well-loved and respected member of the OPS office dog clan for many years. He made his owner Brooke proud.


Snuggly, sassy, and soulful - Cookie exemplified the best qualities her species had to offer. And, as shown by this photo taken by owner Ana, she was always quite photogenic.


Did I hear the word “treat” or “walk”? Echo was our loyal friend for 16 years who loved to go on road trips, take walks, and keep a watchful eye on the neighborhood.


Hailey spent the final year of her life with Beth, Kevin, Roy, and Allie. She went on slow walks and liked to pause to sniff the flowers and grass. She could not have been sweeter.


June Carter Cash passed away late in 2018. Originally thought to be a boy, she was going to be named Johnny Cash, the man in black. She is missed greatly by Jen Jacobson, son, Carson, and their dog, Abby.


Seldom a day goes by that someone at the OPS office doesn't bring up one of their favorite Pete memories. With a heart as big as his appetite, Pete was a staple in the Columbus office, frequently found lounging near owner Natalee's desk.


Sox (Jacobson) 2004-2014 Sox hailed from Boston, MA, and was born as the Red Sox were on their way to winning the World Series. She was a faithful brother to June for many years.